PicturePipe products
Mix and match what you need

Our modular structure allows you to mix and match and to pick only the components you want. Here is a detailed overview of all of our products and add ons. PicturePipe adapts your visual appearance and offers the opportunity to generate and integrate our products into your website and makes it look like it is your own.


PicturePipe account

Your PicturePipe Account can do a lot! For example, sending streaming links with individual watermarks and expiry dates, sending mp4/DVD download links with individual watermarks burned in in the file and track the activity of the shared files.

Content Registration

Create your own content registration form with all the fields you really need and put it onto your own website. With your design make it look like it is been there for ages. Easily send out personalized auto-reply messages when the form has been completed.


Take the uploader and put it onto your own website. Make it look like it is your own. There are no size limits to the videos files you and/or your users can upload. There are only very few restrictions on the video format you can upload. But the best part is: You or your users do not need to prepare the videos at all. PicturePipe will web-optimize them and make them work well and look nice online.

Screening copies

A big audience requires a big screen! No problem for us: use our servers to upload film files for cinema screenings. Request files in the format you need – size does not matter. Easily send out emails to your contacts that enable your users to upload their screeners.

Online video library / screening lounge

Our Online Video Library or Screening Lounge – call it as you like – is basically a mix and match in itself and a way to create your own A to Z workflow ranging from film submission to preselection up to showcasing your programme. Decide on your individual URL, choose design and fonts, tell us which search filters you need, add what you like, such as payment or notification system. We will take care of the rest… et voilà: within a few weeks you can watch your films online.

On~site video library

When you bring together one (or two) of our staff, a network technician, a bunch of computers, a server and your PicturePipe Account, you get what Short Film Corner, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, MIPFormats, Ventana Sur and many more of our global partners already have, and that is an on-site library! It caters to wide audiences from all around the world who have very specific needs.

Add ons

Screening rooms

“No. I do not want them to have all the same viewing rights. A jury member is not a journalist is not a buyer.” While you were trying to figure out how to do this, we have come up with the perfect solution: assign users or groups to different screening rooms, they won’t even know that their access is limited.


It’s a small function that makes all the difference and facilitates the communication between you and your registered users. Create email templates around any subject and automatically send them out on a specific day. No excuses for post-deadline uploads etc. anymore!


Reports, who does not like them, right? It is never been easy to keep track of who watched what when. Get a better understanding of what is popular and what is not. Get in touch with interested buyers or simply follow the evaluation of your selection committees.

Catalogue export

Creating a catalogue is really hard work and each year it drives you crazy. You can relax now. Let us help you to export all the information you need in the right fields as an xls or csv. Your days as a hunter for the missing pieces of the puzzle are over!


Run your business easily with our payment application. The payment is implementable within the system wherever needed. As easy as 1,2,3 check payment of users by status. By the way: We utilize Paypal – so it is simple and secure.